• Octavian Rosu

    So glad we managed to get a sunny day at Mont Saint Michael. It was fun! 😊💖👌

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Thank you for sharing. Paris si on my bucket list.Will have to research this island. https://fash-n-curious.com/

  • Samantha Bowers

    Wow, this island looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂



  • Jamie Lynn

    I am lover of breakfast foods at any time of the day so the restaurant would have been a huge plus for me!

  • Brandi Kimberly

    Seems like an awesome trip. I love traveling! I’ve been to Paris twice but I have never been to that part of France.

    -Brandi Kimberly


  • Ianne Cabangon

    Love the tip dear, I enjoyed looking at your gorgeous photos.
    Xo, Christianne

  • looked like a fun filled trip! thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos on the trip.

    ♡Courtney Bentley ||http://www.starsystemz.com