Welcome to SAY CURLS , a fashion & lifestyle blog lauched in june 2016, designed as a place to share my daily happenings and express my inspirations in life, my wild imagination and love for everything black.

But first thing first! Who am I? My name is Arianne Chavasse and I live in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Prior to launching my blog and started blogging as a professional, I moved from Bucharest to Cluj to become better as a Web Designer. Along that way, I fell in love with Cluj just like Carrie fell in love with Manhatten. I started to pick up thing that I never knew anything about while living in Bucharest and in 2 years I’ve become a whole different person who is aware of lifestyle and fashion trends that revolve from Cluj alone. Since so much has happened since I’ve moved here, I’ve decided to start a blog. People who know me well weren’t surprise in the end. The truth is I’ve always been obsessed with fashion and defining my personal style.
This is part of who I am and this passion never left me since I was little. Taking this decision-the one to move to Cluj-wasn’t an easy one it’s been my best decision so far! Maybe you know that feeling that the life you’re living at that moment isn’t the one for you. Don’t struggle with that feeling too long and create new oportunities for you,go to different places, meet new people, listen to different music, or move to another city like I did. At some point you will feel that everything connects with you and that life you need to live.


Aside from my blogging activities I live a happy life with my boyfriend Tavi. Jack of all trades, I’m a real travel nut, fashion junkie, minimalist enthusiast & coffee-aholic.

I’m on a creative journey, exploring my senses of personal style, and hoping to inspire you.

Want to collaborate, or even just have a chat? You can email me at:


Happy reading and stay inspired!